Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Buttar has been doing root canals for 12+ years. He is known as one of the best root canal dentists around. His success rate is above the national average. His work has been commended by many of his colleagues. He has completed thousands of root canals since he began his career in dentistry. He gets root canal referral cases from other dentists in Tukwila, Seattle, Renton, Kent, SeaTac, and Burien areas.

Reason for Root Canal:

  • Tooth is decayed and pulp (head of the tooth) is infected or inflamed
  • Tooth is injured and pulp is exposed
  • Repeated dental procedure to the tooth (filling)
  • Defective crown
  • Chipped or cracked tooth
  • Elective in certain situations

Symptoms: Severe pain, pain radiating to head or ear, pain on biting, abscess, cold and/or hot sensitive, swelling, and sinus tract.

Treatment: This is the last chance to save the tooth. Treatment begins with profound anesthesia. The tooth is opened to make access to the canals. The infected nerve and tissues are removed. Canals are cleaned and shaped with a special solution. The nerve is replaced with biocompatible material (Gutta Percha). The tooth is restored with a filling or post and filling. Following the root canal, the tooth becomes fragile and requires a crown.

Myths About Root Canals: A root canal is painful. Extraction is better than a root canal. Root canal can cause more diseases.

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I've been with this place for many years. The doctor and staff are so friendly and helpful, and I really enjoy the service here. If you're looking for one of the best dentist in town, I highly recommend that you check out this place.

Suki K.

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