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We have Dr. Buttar from Advanced Care Dental, one of the top dentists in the area here with his wonderful team members. He provides almost all dental procedures including dental Iimplants, orthodontics, root canals, simple and wisdom teeth extractions, crowns, veneers, bridges, gum treatment, teeth whitening and many more. He treats children as well as adults and senior citizen.

His office is located on West Valley Hwy in Tukwila by South Center Mall. His office phone# is 425-251-6044and website is It can be viewed in Spanish as well as in English.

Dr. Buttar is a graduate of New York University, one of the prestigious universities. He is a member of American Academy of Implant Dentistry, American Dental Association, Washington State Dental Association, and King County Dental Association. He has been placing dental implants for last ten years. He has great success in implant treatment.

How would you describe the quality of care?

There are a handful dentists that are efficient and skillful and use the best quality materials. At my clinic, we use the best materials, do the procedures with utmost accuracy and educate our patients. We welcome patients as our guests and treat them as they are our family members. We explain their insurance benefits, out of pocket costs, offer them discounts, help them get financing and get maximum benefits from their insurance. Our staff and doctor are very knowledgeable and friendly. We have a high standard of instrument sterilization and disinfectant within our office. All of these things set a standard for “quality of care”. We care about our patients.

How Is your treatment plan different than other doctors?

We provide all types of dental treatment whether it is a simple cleaning or complicated as implants, wisdom teeth extraction, root canal, braces or etc. When we do an exam, we look at each and every type of problem the patient may have. We even do oral cancer screening. If we see any suspicious lesion, we refer them out to save somebody’s life. So our exam and diagnosis are extremely thorough, therefore our treatment plan is very precise.

Are there different options for treating the same area?

Yes. The choice of materials is extremely important for example, if a patient requires a crown, it could be done with pure porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, gold, captek etc. We choose an ideal material. For the front crowns, we almost always use pure porcelain for a natural look. Many of my colleagues use porcelain fused to metal which is very unaesthetic. Another example is replacing a missing tooth. It could be done by a bridge or an implant. Many dentists don’t give patients the option because they don’t do implants. Similarly, dentures could be supported by implants. Fillings could be silver, composite, gold or porcelain onlay and inlay.

How do you explain different option for patients?

We explain to the patients with models and pictures. We give the patient control over their treatment. We let them choose the material of their choice and the treatment they want to get. For example, silver or tooth color fillings, bridge versus implant, pure porcelain or porcelain over the metal crown, it’s the patients choice. If a tooth needs to be extracted, you should have a bone graft placed to prepare for future implant treatment. We prioritize urgent treatments first, then necessary and then elective treatment.

What happens if something doesn’t go right?

We are all different biologically and respond to treatment differently. Our main goal is to satisfy our patients. We stand behind our work. In rare cases, we will redo fillings, retreat root canal or whatever it is required.

How is your fee compare to some other clinics?

Our fees are very reasonable, but we use the best materials, best labs, and we take our time to do top quality work. Our fees could be the same as other clinics, but our quality is far superior. We have seen patients that have lost their tooth with poor treatment.

What would you say to patients about quality?

A patient may not know immediately if they recieved poor quality of work. Time will tell but then it could be too late. In the end, you will spend more money than quality of treatment. Our sincere advice to any and all future patients is that you must get quality work done on your teeth regardless of cost. It will pay off. Isn’t your smile worth smiling about!

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