Oral Surgery

These are specialty procedures that require high standard of skills. Dr. Buttar has gained his skills by superior training and years of experience. He tries to save money for his patients by doing most of the oral surgery procedures in his clinic. It is very costly to patients when it is done by oral surgeon office.

He does procedures from a simple extraction of a tooth to very complicated procedures including,

  • Surgical Extractions, impacted wisdom teeth extraction (soft tissue, partial bony or full bony) that are partially in the bone or completely in the bone

  • reconstruction of the bone at the time the tooth is taken out or when bone is shrunk due to early loss of teeth.

  • He also lifts up the sinus and reconstructs the bone under the sinus membrane to increase height of the bone to place an implant. This procedure is commonly called sinus graft.

  • He does most bone graft procedures and impacted teeth extractions.
  • He also removes cysts
  • He places implants

  • He collects blood to form membrane to place around grafting area and extracts exudate to mix in bone graft material.
  • Other procedures he performs are excision of hyperplastic tissue, Frenectomy, repair or removal of failed implant without cutting bone, excision of pericoronal gingiva that is if there is too much gum around or over the tooth, vestibuloplasy to increase gums height or width by adding tissue, excision of benign lesion or tumor, Incision and drainage of abscess, Alveloplasy when jawbone needs to be contoured before making denture, Surgical access of unerupted tooth when tooth is in the bone and needs to be brought in the level of other teeth by orthodontic procedure. Surgical removal of residual root when root is somehow left in the jaw bone.

Many patients don’t know if they need any of these procedures. They can find these abnormalities by getting a thorough oral exam. Impacted wisdom teeth, cysts, or many other abnormalities can be diagnosed with examination by dentist

Oral Surgery Videos

Soft Tissue Grafting

Crown Lengthening (With Bur Tool)

Crown Lengthening (With Laser Tool)

Perio-Probing, Regenerative Procedures & Sinus Grafting

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