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Know more about Pediatric Dentistry

We have Dr. Buttar from Advanced Care Dental one of the top dentists in the area here with his wonderful team member. He provides almost all dental procedures including Dental Implants,Orthodontics,Root Canals, Simple and Wisdom teeth extractions, Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, Gum treatment, Teeth whitening and many more. He treats children as well as adults and senior citizen.

His office is located on West Valley Hwy in Tukwila by South Center Mall. His office phone# is 425-251-6044 and website isĀ can be viewed in Spanish as well as in English.

What are your specials?

Our special for this talk show is if you call and make appointment for your children today for full check up,mothers get free cleaning. Provided that children have insures or you are paying for their service.

  • For fullexam and full mouth x-rays,you get free cleaning
  • 10% cash discount
  • In office financing

How often child has to be seen by dentist?

Children and even adults should see dentist every six months. The reason for that is that dentist can see dental diseases that lay person can’t see it. Many dental problems can be prevented by visiting dentist regularly.

You recommend not to breast feed or give bottle to baby while they are sleeping. Why is that?

Breast feeding or giving bottle with formula,milk or juice is contraindication because baby can have baby bottle caries and they can lose their teeth prematurely. They would not know how they can function properly when they grow up.

Why should mothers not mix formula with bottle water?

Bottle water is lacking fluoride and fluoride is required for the strength of the teeth. Tap water has fluoride added by cities so it is best to use tap water.It could be filtered and used for diluting formula.

What causes cavities?

Three things have to be co existing. 1. Host 2. Bacteria 3. Diet

Bacteria consume sugars and produce acid that attack tooth and stat cavity.So we have to be carefulwhen consuming certain types of foods.

What type-of diet should children not consume?

They should not be drinking sugar containing sodas,sticky sugary food such as sticky candies,raisins as well as potato chips, Doritos and other similar foods.

Why dental sealants are important?

Dental sealants block the deep parts of the tooth where bacteria hide and cause cavities. If sealants are placed bacteria have no place to hide and it reduces the chances of cavities. We recommend all premolars and molars should have sealants.

What is plaque and if it progresses, what it leads to?

Plaque is sticky film of bacteria.This should be removed daily with brushing and flossing. If it gets harden it can turn into calculus or tart which leads to gingivitis and periodontitis.Every person should visit dentist every six months to get their teeth cleaned and examined so that they don’t get into serious trouble.

If a child has a habit that affects their teeth, when should that be corrected?

Some children have habits such as thumb sucking,lip sucking,tongue thrusting, breathing through their mouth,chewing on objects and so on.That can lead to serious malformation of their bite or damage teeth. It should be corrected as soon as parents are aware of that.

Why braces are important and who is candidate for it?

Braces are very important if child has malformation of their arch, crowding, spacing or cross bite. Sometimes parents are not aware of these problems until dentist look at child’s teeth.That is one of the reasons that child should see dentist on regular bases. Early intervention is better because it is easy to treat and retention of the treatment is longer.

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