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Insurance Talk

Are you running out of money to get the dental treatments? Are you looking for the best discounts to get dental treatments? Do have any unclaimed dental insurance? Does your dental insurance cover all dental treatment? Are you paying more from your pocket even after having dental insurances? Then you are at the right place where our front office will help to get the best dental treatment at the minimal cost or even at no cost for those who can’t afford the dental treatments.

Our dentist Dr. Buttar who is a graduate of New York University at Advanced Care Dental offers the best dental treatments. Our dental office offers services like dental implantscosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, invisalign, root canal treatments, dental crowns, dental bridges, periodontics, dentures, oral surgery and many more. If you have been paying dental insurance annually and don’t know how to use it? then please contact our front office to know how effective it can be used without paying much extra.

What kind of insurance do you accept?

We accept all kind of major insurances including L & I and unions. We also treat patients with personal dental injuries and jaw injury happened at work.

Could you please explain how to use dental insurance?

Please keep in mind that, each and every dental insurance works in its own way and it will be having their own protocols. Two insurance of same company works differently because they both are of different plans. No insurance covers 100% of the procedure. There are few procedures like cleaning, x-ray and exam are paid 100% by most of the insurance company. Our front office co-ordinator is expert in working with insurances and she get the maximum coverages for our esteemed patients. If you have any questions regarding insurance before visiting our dental office, then please feel free to contact our front office co-ordinator at 425-251-6044.

Many of the people will take insurance but they won’t use it effectively and few of them won’t use it at all. We are here to help our patients to make the best use of their insurance. Majority of the people take maximum coverages annually from $1000 to $5000. They have to use the insurance amount before it gets expires or before 31st of December. If they fail to use the insurance amount within the period, they will lose that. For example, if a person X is having an insurance of $2000 for the current year then he has to use it by the end of the year and then again $2000 in the month of February or by June so that he can avail $4000 worth dentistry done. We encourage listeners to call our office as soon as possible so we can help them to use insurance money by the end of the year.

How do patients know how their insurance works?

Initially, we will inspect the patient’s insurance coverage. We go over the total cost of the treatment procedure by procedure and will explain what insurance will cover and what their responsibilities is.

In your past experience, how did patients come up with deductibles and co-payments?

Some of our patients got a lot of treatment done during tax refund season. They spent their tax refund money for their dental treatment and our dentist Dr. Buttarappreciates since they are investing on their oral health which is a very wise decision because oral health leads to overall health.

Does your dental office help financially for those who can’t afford?

Yes! We have some amazing plans where the patients who can’t afford the treatment will get it with a minimum cost or no cost. We also offer some discounts once they use their insurance.

What promotions or specials do you offer?

We do provide special offers every month. We request our patient to keep checking our offers page.

What weekdays is your office will be operating?

We are open Monday through Saturday. We try to accommodate the patients who can’t make it on daytime because of their work. We do also provide early and late appointments.

What would you say to people who dental insurance?

Patients with insurance are lucky enough. We encourage them to get a full checkup and get treatment if they have something to get it fixed. The people who have insurance end up with paying a very less amount whereas others have to pay from their pocket.

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