Family Dentistry

We treat the whole family to maintain their oral health and to keep their mouth disease free. By treating patients of all ages, our patients have option to keep “one stop” dentistry. Comprehensive dentistry is our goal. We treat patients of all ages for their convenience. In today’s busy life, they can manage their time by bringing whole family to our clinic for a dental appointment on same day. Managing time and avoiding hassle to go to different specialty clinics is important for most American parents. Financial management is also convenient by keeping accounts in one place. Once we know the oral health status of the family, we help them to maintain it disease free and maximum functionality. There are many diseases, disorders and conditions affect dentition and overall health of the patients. We educate parents and children about how to keep their teeth, gums, oral cavity tissue, and tongue healthy. We also teach them how their systemic health is linked to oral health. We make preventive plans for the entire family, advise a healthy diet, and guide them to develop healthy habits regarding their dentition. We recommend families to get regular cleanings and exams to prevent serious dental problems and costly treatments. We follow the guideline of American Dental Association. We make it fun for children under certain ages to eliminate the fear of dentists. We provide comfort and caring, modern dentistry. Early detection of disease is key to maintain good health.

What makes Dr.Buttar stand out among his other colleagues? It is that he has worked hard to be a family dentist by taking many specialty courses thoughout his career. He provides a wide variety of dental treatments to his patients in the field of dentistry such as:

Family Dentistry: Most procedures for children and adults and senior citizens. Please explore our service tabs.

Pediatric Dentistry: Nearly all procedures including, Dental Cleaning, Fluoride Treatment, Dental Sealants, Fillings, Pulpotomy, Stainless Steel Crowns, Extractions, Wisdom teeth extractions, Ortho treatment, Emergency dentistry, Preventive Dentistry.

Orthodontics: Comprehensive Ortho, Limited Ortho, Two-phase treatment (early childhood problems followed by comprehensive orhto), Invisalign and minor problems.

Oral Surgery: Simple Extractions, Soft Tissue Impaction Extractions, Partially Bony Extractions, Most Fully Bony Extractions, Removing certain cysts and soft tissue lesions, Frenectomy, Implants, Bone Graft, and more.

Endodontics: Anterior, premolar and molar root canal, post build up, crown build up, apicoectomy and other root canal related procedures.

Periodontics: Scaling and root planing, perio maintenance, gum grafting, bone grafting, crown lengthening, cosmetic gum surgery, implants, and other services.

Cosmetic: Teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, tooth color crowns, tooth color fillings, tooth color onlay and inlay, gum contouring, gum grafting and other related services.

Please check our service tabs for more services.

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What our patients say

I've been with this place for many years. The doctor and staff are so friendly and helpful, and I really enjoy the service here. If you're looking for one of the best dentist in town, I highly recommend that you check out this place.

Suki K.

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Family Dentistry

Dental health is an important part of a family's well being.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your bite can be improved and teeth straightened through our cosmetic procedures.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants improve oral health by replacing missing teeth.

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Root Canal Treatment

Our root Canal treatment can cure your toothache and protect your teeth.

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Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergency can be categerorized with pain or bleeding or swelling of your tooth.

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Other Services

Have a look at some of our oral surgery, orthodontics and other dental procedures.

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