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Equipment for Better- Treatment

Digital X·Rays: Less radiation exposure, sharp image,faster processing, can be seen on any computer

Anesthetic Machine: Almost no pain when giving anesthesia

Laser Surgery Machine: Less bleeding, better healing, easy to harvest tissue to do grafting procedures, easy for wisdom teeth extraction, better for patient with healing and pain.

Zoom Whitening Machine: Latest zoom whitening machine, gets 3 to 4 shades lighter,less sensitivity

Implant Machine: Excellent machine that helps easy healing of the implant for long term success

Piezo Machine: Easy for sinus lift procedures when we need to increase bone height.

Sterilization Machine: Best sterilization machine that leaves no bacteria or virus on the instruments. We test for the efficiency for every week.

Root Canal Machine: Best root canal machine that helps to do root canal with height efficiency.

Best Instruments: Top class instruments for all procedures. less traumatic for the patients.

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