Teeth are most essential for healthy living. They help us breakdown food, let us pronounce words clearly and maintain the shape of our face. When you have lost all or most of your teeth, you may need teeth restoration to take over the functionality of lost teeth. Dentures have long been used in dentistry as teeth replacement in patients who have lost a few or many teeth in a row. Modern dentures are advanced in esthetic form and function wonderfully as teeth restorations. At our dental office, we treat patients of all age groups by performing a wide-range of dental procedures. We take pride in stating that our dentures in Tukwila have created healthy smiles and improved the quality of life of many of our patients of the city and surrounding communities Renton, Kent, SeaTac and Burien. If you have questions regarding dentures, make an appointment and visit our office. Our family dentist will make you feel comfortable and respond to all your questions.

Teeth loss – Causes and After effects

There can be several causes for teeth loss. Gum disease, tooth decay, traumatic injury and other dental problems are capable of causing teeth to fall out. It is important for people to take good care of their oral health and visit a general dentist at least once every 6 months to prevent dental problems. There are several problems that can arise from teeth loss.

  • The ability to chew food declines
  • The smile becomes less appealing
  • There can be a problem with speech
  • The supporting bone starts to shrink and causes sagging of facial skin
  • Teeth loss affects nutritional intake
  • Teeth loss is also linked to problems with the kidneys
Once teeth are lost they are lost forever. Dental restorations become necessary to aid the functionality of natural teeth and to enhance the esthetics of the smile.

What are dentures? How are they made?

Dentures are restorations which mimic natural teeth in form and function. Depending on the number of teeth lost, full or partial dentures can be made. They are mostly made of porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal and other restorative materials. Exactly when they are produced and fit over the gums or implants depends on the type of restoration procedure. Dental professionals and dental lab work together to get the denture accurately fabricated for the patient. Impressions of gums are taken in order to design the denture. On completion of fabrication, our general dentist checks for fit of the denture before it is fixed in place.

Implant-supported Dentures – Restoration Procedure

Your first visit to our dental office starts with a dental examination and treatment planning. Our family dentist checks the status of your teeth, if there are any left out. Teeth that are non-functional or severely decayed may have to be extracted first. On completion of teeth extraction, the site is left to heal for the next few weeks during which the gums shrink.

During the second visit, our dentist checks the status of the gums and plans for dental implant surgery. Through surgery, dental implants are strategically inserted in the supporting bone structure such that they can act as a foundation to the restoration. On completion of the surgery, impressions of the gums are taken and temporary dentures are fabricated at our office. The denture is placed over the implant in such a way that there is no load acting on the implant. The implants are left to heal for few months.

Once the healing period is complete, our dentist takes impressions of gums once again and gets dentures fabricated in the lab. Once the denture is available for use, we check the fit of the restoration and then fix it over the implant through ball or bar mechanism. Such mechanisms provide greater support to the denture. Our team explains to the patient how to take care of the restoration and maintain good oral health.

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