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We have Dr. Buttar from Advanced Care Dental one of the top dentists in the area of Tukwila with his wonderful team member. He provides almost all dental procedures including dental implants, orthodontics, root canals, simple and wisdom teeth extractions, crowns, veneers, bridges, gum treatment, teeth whitening and many more. He treats children as well as adults and senior citizen.

His office is located on West Valley Hwy in Tukwila by South Center Mall. His office phone# is 425-251-6044 and website is It can be viewed in Spanish as well as in English.

Dr. Buttar is graduate of New Your University, one of the prestigious universities. He is member of American Academy of Implant Dentistry, American Dental Association, Washington State Dental Association, and King County Dental Association. He has been placing dental implants for last ten years. He has great success in implant treatment.

Why Cosmetic dentistry is important in life?

Generally, people look at your smile first when you are walking around, shopping, meeting someone new,going to job interview,laughing and so on. This is your first impression. Your smile is extremely important in your everyday life.

What procedures constitute cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry includes many procedures such as tooth color fillings, porcelain veneers, composite bonding, porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, orthodontics treatment, porcelain inlays and onlays, gum surgery, implant v/s bridge snap on smile.

What is tooth color filling?

Composite is a strong resins materialthat can be used llke silver fillings. It is esthetically pleasing which gives you naturaltooth look. It can be done In one visit. Dentist can save a lot of tooth structure what preparing cavity because reparation could be conservative than the silver filling.

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin shell of porcelain that gets bonded on the front of the tooth. It can dramatically improve shape, size, color, and position of your teeth. You can choose the smile you like. These can be placed on teeth that are discolored, crooked, grinded, chipped or someone wants to change shape of their teeth.

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is direct bonding of tooth color material on the tooth. It can be bonded directly to the tooth or placed in the cavity. It can repair chipped or worn tooth. It can be used to replace amalgam fillings or to close gap. Additionally, composite bonding is sometimes performed as an alternative to veneers.

What are porcelain Crowns?

Crowns are placed to strengthen the teeth. Porcelain crowns are caps that are made of pure porcelain unlike crowns that have metal under the porcelain. People can tell that you have crown on you tooth when there is metal under the porcelain. On the other hand porcelain crown is very esthetically pleasant. Nobody can tell whether you have crown or it is your natural tooth.They are as strong as the crown that have metal base.

What is teeth whitening and how is it done?

Teeth whitening is making teeth whiter then you color. It generally removes stain from your teeth. It can be done one of the three ways, which are laser whitening,in-office whitening,and take home whitening. Not everyone is candidate for this procedure. If teeth whitening does not work then that patient is candidate for porcelain veneers,but most of the patients get benefit from it.

What is orthodontic treatment and why do you recommend it?

Orthodontic treatment is straightening up crooked or rotated teeth for cosmetic purpose. There are other implications of this treatment that we will mention in other talk.lfteeth are severely crooked or rotated or teeth are grinded because they are biting into front teeth, patlent is not a candidate for veneers. Patient required orthodontic treatment to straighten up teeth first and then we can place veneers to create shape,color and symmetry to give Hollywood smile.

What are porcelain inlays and onlays?

There are piece of porcelain just like fillings that get bonded on patient’s teeth. They look very natural and they are very strong. They can strengthen patients’ teeth.

What is gum Surgery and who needs that?

Gum Surgery Is done to achieve healthy 5mlle. Some patients have gummy smile. Gummy smile means that they show their gums too much when they smile. Gums can be lift up by surgical procedure. Other times patient has lost gum and the root can be visible when they smile. The lost gum can be replaced with plastic surgery.

Why do you recommend implant over bridge for missing teeth and how is it esthetic?

I recommend dental implant because implant will hold bone of where tooth is missing. It will look like your naturaltooth because gum forms its shape around the implant crown. When we do bridge procedure,fist of all we grind adjacent teeth to missing tooth to place crowns to support missing tooth. Secondly, bone continues to shrink in the place of missing tooth which forms concavity or gap between gum and bridge. That becomes very unaesthetic.

What is snap on smile?

Snap on smile is simply a shell made of composite or porcelain. It can be used for event pictures or major events such as wedding. If you have discolored,uneven,crooked teeth or have one or more missing front teeth. We can make a shell that you can slide over the teeth and enhance great smile for that event But re’fnember1 this is temporary treatment. What I call it is cheater smile treatment.

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