Financial Talks

Financial Talks

For any individual, before going to any doctor/dentist they think of their budget and plan accordingly. If the treatments went beyond their budget they might stop taking the treatment or may not complete the full course of treatment. To give a better treatment even for a needy and economically backward our dental office is having an amazing offer, discounts, and also some financial aid too. If any patients concerned about the after treatment bills and stop going to a dentist then they have to pay more and also their dental condition will become worse. For those who are lingering financially, we do offer some attractive financial arrangements like part payments where they can pay in installments. If the patients are really concerned about only the money and not towards their oral health then they end up paying more than the normal fees. So it is highly recommended to get the full mouth checkup at the initial level which helps our dentist to find the problem if the patient is facing.

Our dental office accepts all kind of patients with or without insurance. Along with insured patients, our dental office also accepts the patients of L&I, patients without any insurance and DSHS kids.

Whenever a patient visits our dental office, based on their oral health condition we prioritize the treatment whether it needs to be considered under emergency care, essential care, precautionary care or optional care. If the patient is having a severe tooth pain which cannot be permitted to mouth their mouth or any injury to the mouth will be considered and treated first with high priority.

If any patient walks in with some tooth injury which a deep cavity or any damaged tooth where the damaged pulp of the tooth is approaching the root of the tooth then they will be considered on second priority which is considered as a short duration treatment of 3 or 4 visits which is also called as essential care treatment. And other treatments like precautionary care or optional care are given less priority since they deal more with the appearance and aesthetics and not much on oral health.

There is a special discount for both existing as well as new patients who are not having any kind of insurance and other claims.

We charge very fewer treatment fees for our patients compared to most of the nearby dental offices in our county King County, WA. Our patients might found cheaper/lesser treatment fees at other dental offices but the technology and the type of treatments used in our dental office is superior to them.

We have attractive payment options for the treatments what we offer in our dental clinic. If any of the patients want to go for implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, fillings, extractions, root canals and etc., then we take some part of the amount as a downpayment and the remaining amount can be paid in a two or three installments. Or if any of the patients like to make the payment in advance even before the treatment starts then we keep their money in their wallet until the treatment starts.

Our dentist Dr. Sukhmider Buttar, at Advanced Care Dental in Tukwila, WA offers a wide spectrum of dental treatments like dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment, tooth extractions, orthodontic treatments and many other dental related treatments. We offer competitive treatment fees with attractive offers and also accepts all major insurances. To know more about the treatment, kindly make an appointment with King County, WA most popular dentist Dr. Sukhminder Buttar or make a visit to our dental office.


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